Folklore Brand was born in the South West of England by two friends brought together through BMX and trails in the woods. 

Our brand is inspired by campfire stories, legend, road trips, forests, the mountains and sea, wild creatures, custom & vintage motorcycles, push bikes, skateboarding, rusty old machines and craftsmanship, washed down with a dash of Black Sabbath.

Folklore Brand evokes the DIY ethic we found spending untold hours building trails in the woods, wrenching on bikes in sheds and painting for long hours at our desks. 

This is definitely a brand that encourages you to get your hands and your clothes dirty. We will collaborate and share our ideas creatively, making artefacts ranging from unusual limited pieces, handmade and imperfect through to professionally produced and deeply considered products.  

Folklore is concerned with the beliefs and stories of people, creatures and environment. It is our past and if told, it will be our future. Folklore Brand is about producing something we can believe in.

• Adi Gilbert & George King •

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